Chef's Tasting

We are introducing a deliciously fun option for Wednesday & Thursday evenings!

Chef Giacomo chooses the dishes and courses. Each course is a surprise, usually items and creations not available on the regular menu. The chef takes in to account all food allergies and aversions prior to plating. Reservations are required for this experience.

Please call 610-419-1051 or email: to make reservations


- 5 Courses $75 per person

- 7 Courses $100 per person

- 9 Courses $125 per person

Pictured here is a recent 7 course dinner. 

Course 1 - Organic spring mix, with a homemade crostini topped with a cured Kumato tomato, prosciutto, mozz, pumpkin dressingCourse 2 - Buttercup Squash agrodolce with thin sliced pork tenderloinCourse 3 - Grilled eggplant, fried, and stuffed with mozzarella and wild boar topped with a quail egg Course 4 - Chef's play on a gyro with lamb meat, naan, and fresh tzatziki

Course 5 - Homemade tortelloni stuffed with sun-dried tomato and eggplant in pesto sauceCourse 6 - Grilled quail stuffed with wild mushroom risotto served over sautéed mixed vegetables and fresh plum BBQ Course 7 - Dessert Board